Somalia in maritime spat with Kenya at the International Court of Justice

Photo | StreamAfrica
Photo | StreamAfrica

Somalia plans to pursue its case against Kenya at the International Court of Justice next week in a long running maritime boundary dispute over the Indian Ocean following failed negotiations.

In proceedings originally filed on the 28th of August 2014, Somalia contends that both states disagree about the location of the maritime boundary in the area where maritime entitlements overlap. They also assert that diplomatic exchanges have failed to resolve the disagreement.

Prior to the negotiations, Kenya had lodged a claim with the United Nations in 2013 for the maritime boundary to run parallel with lines of latitude in the Indian Ocean, similar to the one established in the South with Tanzania.

The Horn of Africa nation is trying to capitalize on its natural resources along it’s 1,864 mile Coastline that potentially include oil and gas reserves. The government also has plans to revive its fishing industry decimated by over 25 years of war.

Somali Information Minister Mohammed Abdi Maareeye confirmed that international lawyers representing the Somali Govt will present a 150 page court filing at the ICJ on the 13th of July which Kenya as the respondent.

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